Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First jumping lesson

Today was our first jumping lesson. We were in a group with four other horses, two OTTB's, one pony and one other whom I am not sure of his breed. Drifter has only trotted over ground poles a few times and she needed to be ridden straight and with leg through them.

Nothing was different today. She was very calm and sensible about trotting a variety of poles. When we set up a little 12inch vertical she wanted to stop or run-out but some guidance and strong leg aids helped to send her over it. At the same time she was challenging me about the vertical she was trotting through a set of alternately raised poles without issue. She finally figured it out- trot over the raised pole/vertical. We ended with jumping over a small 18" vertical without issue. She just didn't pick up her feet much or put much effort into it. I would like to have her do some jumping on the lunge line and do some exercises with her to increase her awareness of her legs.

What exercises are helpful in getting a horse to be a bit more careful about hitting the pole- these are heavy wooden poles- not PVC. I am hoping with with more exposure that she will figure it out and that maybe it was greenie lack of confidence- rather then laziness or carelessness.

Monday, December 21, 2009

This is my 100th post!

Drifter has been doing well, although we are still working on 100% resolution of the scratches. She has remained sound despite the swelling. I have been focusing on cantering and her canter depart (or lack thereof). We cantered for the first time with another horse in the ring the other day.

As she moves a bit further along under saddle she is trying some evasions. Her favorite one after cantering is to go behind the vertical. This is a very bad fault and I have been working on bending her and using leg to send her forward at the walk after cantering. This helps her stay in front of the vertical, but hasn't solved the issue. She gets very tense about the canter depart, so I think there is some connection between her tenseness and her going BTV. Every now and then she will come above the bit, but it's minimal and easily fixed with bending. She continues to fall in to the right, but only on one side of the arena, so I don't think it's structural, more a habit or a combination of my left sided tightness and her drifting to the middle. Overall, things are going well and I can easily pass 45 minutes riding and working on straightness, forwardness and getting that canter depart.

Hopefully, we'll take part in the upcoming jump schools! Also, AQHA has made dressage an official sport for points.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thankful for freezing weather

Drifter was a bit stocked up on Tuesday and will all the mud I figured she had a bit of scratches brewing. I treated with Gold Bond and Prep H on 2 legs (one front and one back) and just with Gold Bond on the other two. I did ride on Tuesday- walked for 20 minutes and trotted just a few minutes. Her hind legs looked better (right was down 75% and left down 50%). However, she went right back out into the mud!

I got a call this morning that she looked really bad and was stocked up again. When I went out to see her she was standing on one spot and didn't look like she had moved much. When I asked her to move her pogo stick hopped on her right leg and refused to put down her left. I thought that she was "broken", but within a few steps she was hobbling like normal.

In the barn I cleaned her legs and examined the left hind. There were several crusts and some started bleeding when being cleaned. I cleaned her up and when she was mostly dry we went for a 20 minute hand walk. This helped to reduce the swelling. After walking I brushed off the arena dust and completed MTG treatments on both front pasterns (few crusts and minimal stocking up) and Prep H on both hind pasterns (more crusts). I have a feeling that the stocking up is a combination immune response in addition to decreased movement due to the recently frozen mud pit. I'll do another check tomorrow and hopefully I can do 20-30 minutes of mounted walking.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Have I mentioned lately...

that I love my horse?

She is so fantastic. We cantered yesterday for the first time since the move. She was very gracious about it. I have to do some body work on her to help her with the right lead- that's her hard side. Her left lead was quite nice and she has a fabulous canter. It's great that she is getting back into work again- now I just have to stay consistent.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Video

Drifter had off the last two weeks while I was in Texas. I figured that I would lunge her today after being out of work for that amount of time. She was very good being lunged and I was able to take this video while lungeing her.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good news update

Drifter was awesome yesterday. She was sound and moving well. It took her a little while to warm-up and relax, but she came a long way yesterday. She was able to do a zig-zag leg yield that I was super impressed with. I hope to get back on a regular schedule with her as I have a meeting and conference that I have to attend this month, so irregular riding and working for Drifter.

I've owner her for over a year and a half and sometime I feel like we're getting nowhere.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vet care

I spoke with the vet today and we are going to do antibiotics and dry cow to fix what appears to be a mild mastitis infection in the right udder. I will be treating her with dry cow over the next few days. Hopefully this will make her appear sound again. It seemed that lameness was coming from a tender and sore udder.

Has anyone used the "Active your horse's core" book and DVD with their horse? If so, what results did you get? I am thinking of ordering the book to supplement our winter riding.

Monday, October 19, 2009


On Friday Drifter was sound again. She seemed a bit sore AFTER I rode her, but did very well under saddle at walk and trot. I am still not sure what's going on with her on/off lameness. I will be out tomorrow to re-assess the situation.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Drifter is lame

Drifter is lame behind, seems like the right hind. I think she may have a stone bruise that happened soon after she moved back to Toy Box. I thought I felt something slight last week, but she was noticeably lame today. I think I will try soaking on Friday and see if we turn up anything.

On the good side, she was super quiet and willing despite not being ridden in a week and having pain somewhere. She was willing to do more under saddle and the "lameness" did not get better or worse with work. She seems to really miss the daily contact with people (other then getting fed). I think I'll need to do a bath and beauty day if we get another warm day this fall.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Riding outdoors

Rode Drifter in the outdoor ring this week. She was good. A little more forward, but she relaxed pretty quickly. She was anticipating cantering. She did canter, but missed her right lead for the first time ever. Her canter was much more balanced and it's helpful to allow her to canter up the one side of the arena on her right lead and bring her back to the trot on the "downhill" side. She tries so hard I just need her to relax while trying. It's so cool that she has come so far in just a few weeks from weaning Zee.

I am still looking for a good opportunity to work on the spiral exercise suggested by a reader. I need to look for a quiet time in the indoor or try the dressage ring. She is quite responsive to my seat, but it requires me to be 100% all the time. Drifter certainly challenges me to be a better rider and it's cool to know that I've taught her what she knows and yet she is still teaching me!

Keep reading for video or pictures from the new barn.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moving Success!

Drifter was a rockstar!

She loaded up in the trailer after stepping up and down about 12 times. This was the first time loading in my newer two horse straight load. It's pretty roomy with a bright white interior, but it had a metal floor. I think she was trying to figure out if the floor was solid and safe for her. Once she loaded she stood rock solid while I put up the butt bar and closed the door. She gets a bit antsy when she is first loaded. but was calm by the time we arrived at Toy Box.

I will be traveling mostly by myself, so I need Drifter to behave well while I open the back door to get her out of the trailer. I didn't want her to fly out backwards. No fear in that. She stood perfectly while I went up with her and asked her to back out. She stepped out with one foot and thought I was backing her over a cliff. I let her regain her composure and then asked a few more times. She backed out and stood there sniffing. It was like she was trying to remember.

I put her inside Fritz' stall and went to clean and park the trailer. She ate most of his hay by the time I got back. I groomed her and tacked her up- she seemed fine with it, but I felt a bit anxious. I walked her over to the indoor (which has been expanded by 33% and updated). I walked her around once on the ground to let her see it and tighten up her girth. Mounted at the block and went in with two unknown horses and riders.

Drifter was so good! She will need a long warm-up at shows. She was a little inverted, but her gait and body was calm. We walked, trotted and did some leg yielding with the two other horses in the ring and she was soo good. She was calm, attentive and cooperative. I couldn't have asked for more.

I am so happy to have my horse back.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zee went to her new home

Our little girl got on the big girl trailer and is on the way to Maryland. I have some pictures taken today, but forgot my camera at the barn.

I rode Drifter before Zee's new owner arrived. She was very good and we worked on leg yielding. She has more trouble moving off the left leg to the right. I have tried the suggested spiral exercise with her with moderate success. We are able to "fall in" well and have more control on the spiral out part. It's been super windy here, so I've not bee doing as much at canter. Focusing more on this type of lateral exercise and transitions.

Drifter was totally cool that Zee was gone and walked off with Charlie to graze tonight. Back to two horses!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Canter work

Alright gentle readers... I need your advice from greenie land.

We have been working on the canter and the left lead is coming along nicely. The right lead is still a big challenge. Even with an inside leg aid, Drifter still falls to the inside and falls into the canter. I am working hard on my position to stay back and balanced, but she usually ends up four inches to the right of my seat by the time she is actually cantering. She gets 5-7 strides, pops the left shoulder and breaks to the trot. We need help...

This is a picture of newly weaned Zee with her buddy Charlie- thanks Kim for the great picture.

Monday, September 7, 2009

We cantered!

After seven months, we cantered again today. Drifter was great. I am picturing the baroque horses with their upright canter- that's our goal. Hope to get some video again soon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vacation Motivation

The long absence from posting was due to my vacation. I was able to visit my friend in MD who is currently eventing her paint horse. This was very motivating and it gave me something to look forward to. If she can do it, so can Drifter and me!

I noticed Drifter being in heat for the first time since foaling. I know she's been in heat before, but it's hard to notice. This time she was "flirting" with the new mare at the farm. She was extra slow under saddle as well. She was good despite numerous distractions. We continued to work at walk and trot, leaving cantering on the lunge line. I want to work on canter so that we can do ground pole/cross rail jump school this fall. There is also a schooling dressage show in November that might be nice to take her to. I forgot that there were walk/trot tests. It's sort of a goal now.

Zee is doing good and is a REGISTERED AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE!! Now I just need to find her a new home. She is listed on Dreamhorse and I have a flier that I have printed out that I probably should take by the tack stores and whatnot. I am moving Drifter back to Toy Box at the end of September and I don't want to pay board on three horses.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting back to riding

Things are getting back to where they were pre-Zee days. It's nice to almost have my horse back again. It will be nice to work on a relationship between her and I without having her attention split between me and Zee. I think it will help her undersaddle work. Drifter is doing well being ridden in the big ring at the walk and the trot. I worked on cantering her on the lunge on Tuesday as well. We are still not back to where we were in Nov/Dec, but we are getting back to riding.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great riding in ring

We rode in the big ring today and Drifter was very good. We're finally out of the round pen and back to working on riding skills. She did well on the lunge and good under saddle. Hooray.

Here are new picture of Zee. These were used for her sale ad.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Missing my horses

I was out of town this weekend and didn't get to see Drifter and Zee. I will be going out tomorrow with my camera and Drifter's new herbal supplements. Hopefully the herbal supplement will help keep the bugs away and soothe her skin.

I will be aggressively marketing Zee this month.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good days

Drifter and I have been having good days. She is coming along under saddle again. She seems to be remembering her earlier training. Zee is staying calm in the front of the stall without getting too upset. Drifter did a great job when the other horses came running down by the round pen-she did a little spook to the side, but then stopped dead. I petted her and waited for her to relax before asking her to walk.

I have to say sometimes the best part is after riding when I get to hang out with Drifter and Zee. I untack Drifter without a halter or tying her up and she just stands there. I let Zee out and open the gate to their field and they hang out with me. Zee sniffs me all over- Drifter lets me run her neck and sing songs from the radio to her. They both stay right by me. I usually walk them out to their field- no halter, no leadrope, not even touching them- just inviting them to go with me. This seems to make them even happier to see me the next time. This mare who was supposed to be "hard to catch" now comes running to my voice and whistle when I come to the barn!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We're trotting. Drifter was a bit fresh on Tuesday when working in the round pen, she was hopping/bucking into the canter. I did NOT take this as a sign of her playing or being happy. It seemed like something was bothering her. I really don't know what it could have been, but she was fine under saddle. After the fact she looked sun burnt between her hind legs, so maybe that was uncomfortable. I just hope it's not a trend or something physically serious.

After trotting and untacking Drifter just hung out with me near the barn. Zee was investigating me and the cat. Zee decided to lay down and take a nap. She was too funny laying there snoring. I sat down in the hay with her while Drifter watched over us. Zee is three months already. I got the results back from Zee's DNA tests, she is a Perlino and will have buckskin babies. She is EE/AA/CrCr. This means she will not have a palomino no matter who the stud is, she will always give an Agouti gene (which is dominant) and one cream gene. So, I think she would always have buckskin or perlino offspring.

I hope to start riding Drifter in the ring (outside the round pen) soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We trotted

Trotted on Drifter for the first time since the birth of Zee. What progress we're making.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good girl

Drifter seems to be settling back into mounted work. She has been enthusiastic about work and coming running to the gate with Zee when I pull into the barn. She hasn't been too good for the farrier, but apparently he is not the patient type and that doesn't help her too much. I am working on bringing her legs forward to rest on the rasping stand for him. She has been really good with me for hoof picking, standing tied, fly spray and even worming!

She usually stands free (no halter) after work while I untack her and groom her. Our rides are still short. I rode her out of the round pen by Zee, but that didn't work as well as I would have liked. She's doing better in the round pen. I have a few new ground work exercises that I would like to try in addition to her mounted work. She's a real delight to work with. She seems to love following me around the round pen- I just haven't figured out how to get her to trot with me at liberty.

Zee is still being a good girl and got her first foot trim last week. Her toes were getting a little long and she really needed it. She is good for hoof picking, brushing, fly spray and even worming too! I send out her papers and hairs for DNA testing. I am hoping to do a great sale flyer this weekend or next.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Even the young know loss

This is Zee by the grave of her friend and affectionately named "Uncle"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

update for end of june

I have been riding Drifter in the round pen almost every time I visit. It's usually just for a few minutes at a time. Just asking her to be relaxed and go forward. She has so many different behaviors under saddle then before she had Zee. She now tries to snatch the reins, stops and stands, backs when asked to go forward, gets easily distracted and is generally tense. She tolerates the short rides, but it feels so far from the ability to walk trot and canter we were doing in the fall.

Zee continues to grow, but is more mannerly when on lead. She picks up her feet nicely and loves to be groomed. She is worse about being separated from Drifter, even when she can still see her. Uncle Gamby recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge and she does not currently have another adult horse companion. She threw a big fit yesterday while I worked Drifter. I am not looking forward to weaning and hope to sell her before moving Drifter.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Continuing education

Yesterday I went out to work with Drifter and Zee. It was gray and cloudy and rumbling, but it wasn't DOING anything. Do I tacked up Drifter and as soon as I got her in the round pen it began to rain. I ran her quickly into the barn and as soon as we got under it began to pour. Zee was left out in the rain with Uncle Gamby. They called to each other a few times, but both stayed calm.

While I had some alone time with Drifter I began to run my hands over her body. I was feeling for tight spots, tense spots and remembering how much she loved massage before Zee- I began to massage her. She had a quite look on her face and when I stopped, she turned to look at me. As I stopped to look over the door to check on Zee I noticed that my hands where tingling. It was a strong energy through my hands. It made me reflect that motherhood is a magical and strong energy. I began to think that instead of being frustrated and impatient about the "time I was losing" with Drifter and Zee; that instead I should acknowledge and honor her power as mother, bringing and nurturing new life.

So, I began to look online for some guidance and inspiration. I found a good site for natural treats and feeding herbal teas and variety in treats. I also found a site with some good rituals for bonding and greeting your horses. I am always looking for inspiration and ways to add to my skills and experiences with Drifter.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Measuring up

Zee is 11.1 hands as of today
Drifter is 15.1 1/2

I did a bit of pampering on Drifter; brushing out her tail and mane. Her cut is looking really good. I didn't work her due to the wet footing and wet weather we've been having.

Zee lead nicely from the field to the stall. She's as friendly as ever and loves to be right in your face. She loves to harass Uncle Gamby when she isn't bugging her mama.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making my way

Yesterday, I tried a new tactic. I left Zee in the field with her uncle Gamby while I worked Drifter in the round pen. Zee was much more calm and Drifter was too!

Drifter's leg is looking really good and should be healed in another week or so.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A nice day

I have been reflecting on Drifter's explosion under saddle. One person was very surprised that I was riding her after six weeks. I thought a little more about it and decided to give her some more time in work. I rode her the Saturday after her explosion and she was good, but tense. We did a lot of little circles. I still plan on working on, but focusing more on building muscle and having her be more comfortable working away from Zee.

Zee continues to get pretty worked up when Drifter is working. She is getting really big already and is now wearing her halter full time. She's getting too pushy and fresh to be "free" forever. She is growing very nicely and is well built, but I am looking forward to finding her a new owner who will have lots of time to spend with her.

I am also looking forward to getting back to working and focusing on Drifter. I feel bad that I have totally given up on some of the other goals that I had/have for working with her- not just riding. So, in a effort to move out of my comfort zone (ie- training) I am planning on doing more ground work and Ttouch again with her. I might ride her again in the next week or so, but with a different focus then "getting her back under saddle". It's really hard to do differently what I do pretty comfortably and get good results with. On Sunday we had a good day working in the round pen, walking around the arena without Zee and fixing up her leg- which is looking really good.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rode E Oh

I really need to post some updated pictures. Zee is so big now. She is doing so many big girl things too! She has learned to target my hand and her halter and fly mask for scratches. I learned this technique from watching a YouTube video. It works really well. She is willing to follow my hand (as the target) around the arena for scratches. She thinks it's the neatest thing to do something and get a click and a reward. Hopefully, I will remember the camera for tomorrow!

I have been working Drifter in the round pen, despite the large cut on her leg. She has been sound on it the whole time- she's a tough girl. I have worked her with and without saddle, with bridle and the Shrake Rhythm Collector- to help her balance and rebuild those back muscles. She's been pretty good about staying focused on work and not on Zee. Today was the first ride on her since the foal. She started out really good-standing still for a ground mount. Then walking several times around the round pen quietly. One our fourth or so time around she stopped to look at Zee and I urged her on with my legs- she EXPLODED into a bucking fit around the round pen. I was so shocked and startled the most I could do was focus to keep my seat. After the first three bucks I remembered that I didn't have to steer much, just keep her head up and get her stopped. She did stop and I worked her on some very small turns and circles for a few minutes. We did go back to walking in both directions around the round pen, but with me in a very defensive riding position. I dismounted and then worked her at trot and canter from the ground. Naughty mamma.

I plan to ride again tomorrow, just to reinforce the "back to work" time.

These pictures are from 5/9/09. She still looks little in these. These are of the girls with their fly masks on to protect their pink little noses!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Updates on Drifter and Zee

Zee first: She is doing better with wearing her halter and fly mask- although she has also learned to take off her fly mask. I have started teaching her to give to pressure using a lead rope around her body (NOT on the halter). She got the concept really quickly as I paired it with a tongue click and scratches. I just need a longer rope to do some more refined work. She is still spunky and really enjoys turnout time.

Drifter: I separated her from Zee for the first time on Tuesday to work her in the round pen. She did pretty well after being a bit upset at first. After 10 minutes she began to settle and listen to voice commands for walk, trot and halt. It's a bit like starting over in a way :-(
On Thursday, she somehow got her hind legs hung up on the stall door and ripped a whole into her left hind- so we are now treating that with cleaning, dressing and wrapping it. Hopefully, this will not delay her return to "work".

Last time I had a mare with foal at side I was not concerned about training or getting them back into a training routine. I also had all my horses right at home, so a lot of training happened naturally. Now, I have to schedule time to go to the barn and it's a lot harder then I expected to do all I want to do. I am trying to keep an open perspective on the whole thing, but like many people I feel I am always looking for a few more hours in the day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick update

This week Zee got her first halter and fly mask. She was less then keen about learning to wear the halter and was a bit frightened that I intended to put something over her head. She was more tolerant of the fly mask, but had trouble figuring out how to walk and nurse with it on.

Drifter- ever the good mother- was tied while I messed with Zee. She got a little upset when Zee got to crashing around, but she did not break free from being tied. She also kept her head when Zee and I shot past her hind end a few times. I am hoping to start Drifter back into light work next week- still working on the logistics, but hopeful.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mama's doing fine

Drifter is handling motherhood very well. She is loosing the baby weight and will be started back in light work next week (beginning of May). She keeps a good eye on Z, but is allowing her to roam further away each day. Z is also doing well and growing! She is very curious about people and loves to be scratched.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Outing

Our little girl and her mamma went out for the first time today. Below are videos and some more first day pictures.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Drifter foaled a beautiful smokey cream filly this morning at 5am.

I went by for our testing and grooming and to re-wrap her tail last night around 7pm. Thursday night (full moon night) she laid down for over an hour laying sternal then recumbent. We really thought she would go, but then she got up to eat. Wanting to be prepared, I packed overnight clothes and fed the dogs before heading out to the barn. After riding Fritz it was time to check Drifter.

She looked similar to the last time I saw her. Maybe a little more swollen behind and her bag was still big. No wax was apparent. BUT as soon as I milked her for testing I thought- we're close. Thick, white, and like a milkshake it was. It tested between 250/500 on calcium and 6.8 or slightly lower for pH. There was a big change in the color of the pH reading. So, I set up camp for a long night ahead.

I was tired from being up on Thursday and fell asleep after reading for awhile. Drifter was pawing a lot, but not doing much else. She even kept going back to eat some hay. Finally, I just went to a deep sleep! I set my alarm for 2:50am, since she laid down around that time yesterday. Alarm went off and I awoke for a moment, she was still eating and pawing and not much else. Back to sleep and I had a dream about her having a colt. As I was dreaming, Kim was calling me from the house to tell me she REALLY was having a foal. I slept through the call. I slept through the water breaking. I slept through the loud crash into a water bucket. This prompted Kim to come down to the barn to see if I was even still there. I didn't even hear her come into the barn. I finally heard, "gina, gina are you here? There's a foot sticking out" me- "a foot? what?" Kim- "Drifter's in labor- having a baby, there's a foot coming out, now another foot, she was down and up and crashed into the water bucket!" I think I fully woke up then. It was 4:57am. I put on my shoes, Drifter laid down and pushed a few times. I could see two feet and a nose. She pushed a few more times without much progress. Kim grabbed the foaling towels and I grabbed the little ones legs for traction when Drifter pushed. This prevented the foal from sliding back in between pushes. It worked beautifully and she easily pushed the foal out in three pushes.

I began to dry the foal off. I reached under the sack and believed we had a filly. She had a deep nicker and rested along side her mother. Before she was completely delivered she began to pass the meconium. It took her about 20 minutes before attempting to stand. We buffed her from crashing into the walls too much. She pooped three more times while learning to stand. She stood by the wall while learning to get her feet under her.

After about an hour and a half she began to look for somewhere to nurse. She didn't seem to notice Mom much and with some guidance she began to look in the right place. She finally nursed around 7 or 7:30am. Once she found the milk bar she went back again and again getting better and better at finding the right spot and nursing fully. It seemed she might have had a little trouble with suck, swallow, breathe at first as I heard some gurgling as she breathed after she nursed. It seemed to clear up by the time I left for the morning at 9:30.

She laid down for a well deserved nap.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't hold your breath

Drifter has been a little less friendly this week, preferring to be left alone. I rebraided her tail this week and hope to remember to bring the tail wrap back out.

I started clicker training with her to give her brain something to focus on while her body is preoccupied. Her first introduction was to go, come when I whistle (which she already does), halt when asked and lower her head when asked. I worked her in the round pen at the new barn for the first time. She went from me, came to me and stopped when asked. She got an apple/alfalfa treat after the click each time. She slowly started to catch onto the lower head cue (hand on poll). I was surprised to see that she wasn't very food motivated. I repeated the clicker session on Tuesday in her stall. We focused on come and lower head. This time I used pieces of carrot. She started to associate the click sound with a action/treat. This is the beginning of learning/training through clicker training. I saw her ears flick forward after hearing the click- therefore indicating that she understood that the click meant "YES" -food coming. She tried a bit harder with the lower head cue after that. I plan on contining clicker training for ground skills and later to shape some movement/style concepts with her. I think it's a nice adjunct to traditional training and I think Drifter would agree.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Code Orange

We've made progress again. Nice full udder and sweeter milk. Very nice- hopefully there will be foal pictures soon! Outdoor pictures are from Tuesday and indoor pictures are from today.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holding steady

Drifter appears to have put the breaks on having this baby and is holding steady. Here are some pictures from this week. We're hoping she doesn't make us wait until next year!

Enjoying a roll in the field- who knew she could still even do this!

Looking very drafty here.

Side to side comparison.