Monday, June 29, 2009

Even the young know loss

This is Zee by the grave of her friend and affectionately named "Uncle"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

update for end of june

I have been riding Drifter in the round pen almost every time I visit. It's usually just for a few minutes at a time. Just asking her to be relaxed and go forward. She has so many different behaviors under saddle then before she had Zee. She now tries to snatch the reins, stops and stands, backs when asked to go forward, gets easily distracted and is generally tense. She tolerates the short rides, but it feels so far from the ability to walk trot and canter we were doing in the fall.

Zee continues to grow, but is more mannerly when on lead. She picks up her feet nicely and loves to be groomed. She is worse about being separated from Drifter, even when she can still see her. Uncle Gamby recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge and she does not currently have another adult horse companion. She threw a big fit yesterday while I worked Drifter. I am not looking forward to weaning and hope to sell her before moving Drifter.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Continuing education

Yesterday I went out to work with Drifter and Zee. It was gray and cloudy and rumbling, but it wasn't DOING anything. Do I tacked up Drifter and as soon as I got her in the round pen it began to rain. I ran her quickly into the barn and as soon as we got under it began to pour. Zee was left out in the rain with Uncle Gamby. They called to each other a few times, but both stayed calm.

While I had some alone time with Drifter I began to run my hands over her body. I was feeling for tight spots, tense spots and remembering how much she loved massage before Zee- I began to massage her. She had a quite look on her face and when I stopped, she turned to look at me. As I stopped to look over the door to check on Zee I noticed that my hands where tingling. It was a strong energy through my hands. It made me reflect that motherhood is a magical and strong energy. I began to think that instead of being frustrated and impatient about the "time I was losing" with Drifter and Zee; that instead I should acknowledge and honor her power as mother, bringing and nurturing new life.

So, I began to look online for some guidance and inspiration. I found a good site for natural treats and feeding herbal teas and variety in treats. I also found a site with some good rituals for bonding and greeting your horses. I am always looking for inspiration and ways to add to my skills and experiences with Drifter.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Measuring up

Zee is 11.1 hands as of today
Drifter is 15.1 1/2

I did a bit of pampering on Drifter; brushing out her tail and mane. Her cut is looking really good. I didn't work her due to the wet footing and wet weather we've been having.

Zee lead nicely from the field to the stall. She's as friendly as ever and loves to be right in your face. She loves to harass Uncle Gamby when she isn't bugging her mama.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making my way

Yesterday, I tried a new tactic. I left Zee in the field with her uncle Gamby while I worked Drifter in the round pen. Zee was much more calm and Drifter was too!

Drifter's leg is looking really good and should be healed in another week or so.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A nice day

I have been reflecting on Drifter's explosion under saddle. One person was very surprised that I was riding her after six weeks. I thought a little more about it and decided to give her some more time in work. I rode her the Saturday after her explosion and she was good, but tense. We did a lot of little circles. I still plan on working on, but focusing more on building muscle and having her be more comfortable working away from Zee.

Zee continues to get pretty worked up when Drifter is working. She is getting really big already and is now wearing her halter full time. She's getting too pushy and fresh to be "free" forever. She is growing very nicely and is well built, but I am looking forward to finding her a new owner who will have lots of time to spend with her.

I am also looking forward to getting back to working and focusing on Drifter. I feel bad that I have totally given up on some of the other goals that I had/have for working with her- not just riding. So, in a effort to move out of my comfort zone (ie- training) I am planning on doing more ground work and Ttouch again with her. I might ride her again in the next week or so, but with a different focus then "getting her back under saddle". It's really hard to do differently what I do pretty comfortably and get good results with. On Sunday we had a good day working in the round pen, walking around the arena without Zee and fixing up her leg- which is looking really good.