Friday, May 8, 2009

Updates on Drifter and Zee

Zee first: She is doing better with wearing her halter and fly mask- although she has also learned to take off her fly mask. I have started teaching her to give to pressure using a lead rope around her body (NOT on the halter). She got the concept really quickly as I paired it with a tongue click and scratches. I just need a longer rope to do some more refined work. She is still spunky and really enjoys turnout time.

Drifter: I separated her from Zee for the first time on Tuesday to work her in the round pen. She did pretty well after being a bit upset at first. After 10 minutes she began to settle and listen to voice commands for walk, trot and halt. It's a bit like starting over in a way :-(
On Thursday, she somehow got her hind legs hung up on the stall door and ripped a whole into her left hind- so we are now treating that with cleaning, dressing and wrapping it. Hopefully, this will not delay her return to "work".

Last time I had a mare with foal at side I was not concerned about training or getting them back into a training routine. I also had all my horses right at home, so a lot of training happened naturally. Now, I have to schedule time to go to the barn and it's a lot harder then I expected to do all I want to do. I am trying to keep an open perspective on the whole thing, but like many people I feel I am always looking for a few more hours in the day.

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