Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We're trotting. Drifter was a bit fresh on Tuesday when working in the round pen, she was hopping/bucking into the canter. I did NOT take this as a sign of her playing or being happy. It seemed like something was bothering her. I really don't know what it could have been, but she was fine under saddle. After the fact she looked sun burnt between her hind legs, so maybe that was uncomfortable. I just hope it's not a trend or something physically serious.

After trotting and untacking Drifter just hung out with me near the barn. Zee was investigating me and the cat. Zee decided to lay down and take a nap. She was too funny laying there snoring. I sat down in the hay with her while Drifter watched over us. Zee is three months already. I got the results back from Zee's DNA tests, she is a Perlino and will have buckskin babies. She is EE/AA/CrCr. This means she will not have a palomino no matter who the stud is, she will always give an Agouti gene (which is dominant) and one cream gene. So, I think she would always have buckskin or perlino offspring.

I hope to start riding Drifter in the ring (outside the round pen) soon.

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