Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good girl

Drifter seems to be settling back into mounted work. She has been enthusiastic about work and coming running to the gate with Zee when I pull into the barn. She hasn't been too good for the farrier, but apparently he is not the patient type and that doesn't help her too much. I am working on bringing her legs forward to rest on the rasping stand for him. She has been really good with me for hoof picking, standing tied, fly spray and even worming!

She usually stands free (no halter) after work while I untack her and groom her. Our rides are still short. I rode her out of the round pen by Zee, but that didn't work as well as I would have liked. She's doing better in the round pen. I have a few new ground work exercises that I would like to try in addition to her mounted work. She's a real delight to work with. She seems to love following me around the round pen- I just haven't figured out how to get her to trot with me at liberty.

Zee is still being a good girl and got her first foot trim last week. Her toes were getting a little long and she really needed it. She is good for hoof picking, brushing, fly spray and even worming too! I send out her papers and hairs for DNA testing. I am hoping to do a great sale flyer this weekend or next.

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