Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good days

Drifter and I have been having good days. She is coming along under saddle again. She seems to be remembering her earlier training. Zee is staying calm in the front of the stall without getting too upset. Drifter did a great job when the other horses came running down by the round pen-she did a little spook to the side, but then stopped dead. I petted her and waited for her to relax before asking her to walk.

I have to say sometimes the best part is after riding when I get to hang out with Drifter and Zee. I untack Drifter without a halter or tying her up and she just stands there. I let Zee out and open the gate to their field and they hang out with me. Zee sniffs me all over- Drifter lets me run her neck and sing songs from the radio to her. They both stay right by me. I usually walk them out to their field- no halter, no leadrope, not even touching them- just inviting them to go with me. This seems to make them even happier to see me the next time. This mare who was supposed to be "hard to catch" now comes running to my voice and whistle when I come to the barn!!

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