Monday, June 1, 2009

A nice day

I have been reflecting on Drifter's explosion under saddle. One person was very surprised that I was riding her after six weeks. I thought a little more about it and decided to give her some more time in work. I rode her the Saturday after her explosion and she was good, but tense. We did a lot of little circles. I still plan on working on, but focusing more on building muscle and having her be more comfortable working away from Zee.

Zee continues to get pretty worked up when Drifter is working. She is getting really big already and is now wearing her halter full time. She's getting too pushy and fresh to be "free" forever. She is growing very nicely and is well built, but I am looking forward to finding her a new owner who will have lots of time to spend with her.

I am also looking forward to getting back to working and focusing on Drifter. I feel bad that I have totally given up on some of the other goals that I had/have for working with her- not just riding. So, in a effort to move out of my comfort zone (ie- training) I am planning on doing more ground work and Ttouch again with her. I might ride her again in the next week or so, but with a different focus then "getting her back under saddle". It's really hard to do differently what I do pretty comfortably and get good results with. On Sunday we had a good day working in the round pen, walking around the arena without Zee and fixing up her leg- which is looking really good.

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