Sunday, June 14, 2009

Continuing education

Yesterday I went out to work with Drifter and Zee. It was gray and cloudy and rumbling, but it wasn't DOING anything. Do I tacked up Drifter and as soon as I got her in the round pen it began to rain. I ran her quickly into the barn and as soon as we got under it began to pour. Zee was left out in the rain with Uncle Gamby. They called to each other a few times, but both stayed calm.

While I had some alone time with Drifter I began to run my hands over her body. I was feeling for tight spots, tense spots and remembering how much she loved massage before Zee- I began to massage her. She had a quite look on her face and when I stopped, she turned to look at me. As I stopped to look over the door to check on Zee I noticed that my hands where tingling. It was a strong energy through my hands. It made me reflect that motherhood is a magical and strong energy. I began to think that instead of being frustrated and impatient about the "time I was losing" with Drifter and Zee; that instead I should acknowledge and honor her power as mother, bringing and nurturing new life.

So, I began to look online for some guidance and inspiration. I found a good site for natural treats and feeding herbal teas and variety in treats. I also found a site with some good rituals for bonding and greeting your horses. I am always looking for inspiration and ways to add to my skills and experiences with Drifter.

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