Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Riding outdoors

Rode Drifter in the outdoor ring this week. She was good. A little more forward, but she relaxed pretty quickly. She was anticipating cantering. She did canter, but missed her right lead for the first time ever. Her canter was much more balanced and it's helpful to allow her to canter up the one side of the arena on her right lead and bring her back to the trot on the "downhill" side. She tries so hard I just need her to relax while trying. It's so cool that she has come so far in just a few weeks from weaning Zee.

I am still looking for a good opportunity to work on the spiral exercise suggested by a reader. I need to look for a quiet time in the indoor or try the dressage ring. She is quite responsive to my seat, but it requires me to be 100% all the time. Drifter certainly challenges me to be a better rider and it's cool to know that I've taught her what she knows and yet she is still teaching me!

Keep reading for video or pictures from the new barn.

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