Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First jumping lesson

Today was our first jumping lesson. We were in a group with four other horses, two OTTB's, one pony and one other whom I am not sure of his breed. Drifter has only trotted over ground poles a few times and she needed to be ridden straight and with leg through them.

Nothing was different today. She was very calm and sensible about trotting a variety of poles. When we set up a little 12inch vertical she wanted to stop or run-out but some guidance and strong leg aids helped to send her over it. At the same time she was challenging me about the vertical she was trotting through a set of alternately raised poles without issue. She finally figured it out- trot over the raised pole/vertical. We ended with jumping over a small 18" vertical without issue. She just didn't pick up her feet much or put much effort into it. I would like to have her do some jumping on the lunge line and do some exercises with her to increase her awareness of her legs.

What exercises are helpful in getting a horse to be a bit more careful about hitting the pole- these are heavy wooden poles- not PVC. I am hoping with with more exposure that she will figure it out and that maybe it was greenie lack of confidence- rather then laziness or carelessness.

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