Saturday, June 27, 2009

update for end of june

I have been riding Drifter in the round pen almost every time I visit. It's usually just for a few minutes at a time. Just asking her to be relaxed and go forward. She has so many different behaviors under saddle then before she had Zee. She now tries to snatch the reins, stops and stands, backs when asked to go forward, gets easily distracted and is generally tense. She tolerates the short rides, but it feels so far from the ability to walk trot and canter we were doing in the fall.

Zee continues to grow, but is more mannerly when on lead. She picks up her feet nicely and loves to be groomed. She is worse about being separated from Drifter, even when she can still see her. Uncle Gamby recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge and she does not currently have another adult horse companion. She threw a big fit yesterday while I worked Drifter. I am not looking forward to weaning and hope to sell her before moving Drifter.

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