Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zee went to her new home

Our little girl got on the big girl trailer and is on the way to Maryland. I have some pictures taken today, but forgot my camera at the barn.

I rode Drifter before Zee's new owner arrived. She was very good and we worked on leg yielding. She has more trouble moving off the left leg to the right. I have tried the suggested spiral exercise with her with moderate success. We are able to "fall in" well and have more control on the spiral out part. It's been super windy here, so I've not bee doing as much at canter. Focusing more on this type of lateral exercise and transitions.

Drifter was totally cool that Zee was gone and walked off with Charlie to graze tonight. Back to two horses!


  1. The wind's been really bad here as well - it limits what I can do - I don't much like being out in it and the horses get a bit "antsy".

  2. Yeah, it seems it's that time of year for all horses to be more alert and on their toes. All our mares have been in heat the last week or so. I try not to make too many excuses, but also try not to make poor decisions to prove a point.