Friday, December 11, 2009

Thankful for freezing weather

Drifter was a bit stocked up on Tuesday and will all the mud I figured she had a bit of scratches brewing. I treated with Gold Bond and Prep H on 2 legs (one front and one back) and just with Gold Bond on the other two. I did ride on Tuesday- walked for 20 minutes and trotted just a few minutes. Her hind legs looked better (right was down 75% and left down 50%). However, she went right back out into the mud!

I got a call this morning that she looked really bad and was stocked up again. When I went out to see her she was standing on one spot and didn't look like she had moved much. When I asked her to move her pogo stick hopped on her right leg and refused to put down her left. I thought that she was "broken", but within a few steps she was hobbling like normal.

In the barn I cleaned her legs and examined the left hind. There were several crusts and some started bleeding when being cleaned. I cleaned her up and when she was mostly dry we went for a 20 minute hand walk. This helped to reduce the swelling. After walking I brushed off the arena dust and completed MTG treatments on both front pasterns (few crusts and minimal stocking up) and Prep H on both hind pasterns (more crusts). I have a feeling that the stocking up is a combination immune response in addition to decreased movement due to the recently frozen mud pit. I'll do another check tomorrow and hopefully I can do 20-30 minutes of mounted walking.

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