Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moving Success!

Drifter was a rockstar!

She loaded up in the trailer after stepping up and down about 12 times. This was the first time loading in my newer two horse straight load. It's pretty roomy with a bright white interior, but it had a metal floor. I think she was trying to figure out if the floor was solid and safe for her. Once she loaded she stood rock solid while I put up the butt bar and closed the door. She gets a bit antsy when she is first loaded. but was calm by the time we arrived at Toy Box.

I will be traveling mostly by myself, so I need Drifter to behave well while I open the back door to get her out of the trailer. I didn't want her to fly out backwards. No fear in that. She stood perfectly while I went up with her and asked her to back out. She stepped out with one foot and thought I was backing her over a cliff. I let her regain her composure and then asked a few more times. She backed out and stood there sniffing. It was like she was trying to remember.

I put her inside Fritz' stall and went to clean and park the trailer. She ate most of his hay by the time I got back. I groomed her and tacked her up- she seemed fine with it, but I felt a bit anxious. I walked her over to the indoor (which has been expanded by 33% and updated). I walked her around once on the ground to let her see it and tighten up her girth. Mounted at the block and went in with two unknown horses and riders.

Drifter was so good! She will need a long warm-up at shows. She was a little inverted, but her gait and body was calm. We walked, trotted and did some leg yielding with the two other horses in the ring and she was soo good. She was calm, attentive and cooperative. I couldn't have asked for more.

I am so happy to have my horse back.

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