Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This time of year is best for sitting back and looking at the spring/summer show schedules! It is great thinking of clinics and nicer weather. Riding in the indoor area is great (I know many of you do not have an indoor), but sometimes you want to get out.

Yesterday was one of those days. It was a heat wave of 40 degrees. Drifter and I went out to the dressage ring; which is covered in snow. I planned to lunge - just to allow her to move and stretch her back. She is turned out 24/7 but the horses don't move at speed much and have been gingerly picking their way around the paddock. Drifter was very cute, realizing that she was able to move a bit on the lunge. She did a few small prop and bucks, but nothing too naughty. She picked up a great little canter and cantered around a few times. THEN we found out there was ice under the snow. WHOOPS. Her hind end slid out from under her and she fell and slid about 6-8 feet. She didn't fall hard or struggle and was calm overall. I did have her lunge in the other direction (cautiously) just to end on a good note.

We went to the indoor and it was EMPTY. That is very rare this time of year. So she was able to move on the lunge and was very happy about it. She cantered nicely on both leads and just seemed happy to work. I got on her to cool her out. Her ride was her easy part today. I love my horsey!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jump School

Drifter did so much better at jump school this year. We attended our first jump school this past Friday and she was great. She was more forward and straight then last year. The only thing I wished was that she put in more effort over the cross rails we were working on. When we moved it up to a vertical she actually jumped over it, but only as much as needed. She wasn't expending any more effort then necessary. It's great that she doesn't get worked up or overly anxious about jumping, but sometimes I little effort would be nice too. Jump school was really fun and hopefully we will have pictures or video soon.