Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cantering again

Classical dressage methods prove true.

Classical dressage training indicated that transitions and lateral work improve the canter.

The last two weeks I have been focusing on teaching the leg yield and doing lots of walk/trot transitions. The transitions were used to lighten her up to the seat and the leg again. She is moving along nice from the seat and can do all her downward transitions (walk and whoa) from the seat and voice. Ditto for up to trot, no real leg aid needed. She is moving more forward and active now. For the lateral work I have just been teaching the seat and leg aid the means move sideways. She is picking up on this quickly and seems to enjoy the lateral work.

Today I went back to ask for canter. I warmed up with walk/trot transitions and then asked for the canter from the walk. She gave me only a few steps of trot before picking up the canter. I did notice that I am throwing my body around more then I should and made a good attempt at sitting back and giving her the clear aids. She showed a great improvement from our last attempts at canter transitions. We also maintained the canter for a longer period of time. There is still hope to teach the canter to the pregnant mare!

Drifter is now heading into her 7th month. Horses are pregnant for 11 months. I think the foal has moved because she seems more comfortable, but I can still feel the foal flutter. I hope that this means I will be able to continue her training for a few more months. Her progress is so great I don't want to quit now!

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