Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I got one ride over the weekend, which went well. We continued to work on grading the speed and step length at walk and trot. She has been very slow at the walk without impulsion. She also gets to a point where she likes to stop (after about 30 minutes), which generally means she has to pee!

Last night, we had a great ride! We didn't do any more cantering. We spent 20 minutes at the walk. I introduced some lateral work- asking her to do a simple leg yield. She had nice engagement and impulsion. By the time we got to the trot, she was working nicely and ready to go. Her trot was very nice and forward for the first time in awhile. He leg yield at the trot was a bit rushed and unbalanced, but I could really feel her engage her engine a few time. When she got "sloggy" around the time she generally has to pee I switched to walk/trot transitions. This went really well and her transitions were often forward and light. She is a real joy to ride.

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