Friday, November 7, 2008


Life continues to be challenging and I am not always in the most "fit" form to ride. I know that Drifter is sensitive and tuned into me, so since I was not feeling well I choose not to ride today.

Instead, we did a little lungeing with side reins. She is doing well, but it was hard for her to balance outside with a little slope to the ring and the footing being very soupy. She tried hard to please. She also trotted a few caveletti by accident in our lungeing. It was nice to see her make a correction after hitting them the first time. I think she will be a fine jumper.

After lungeing, I did some ground work with her getting her to understand turn on the forehand and turn on the haunches from a hand or whip aid. She seemed very interested in learning what I was asking.

To end the day I thought I would give her a bit of a massage. As soon as I started rubbing my hands over her barrel, she stretched down her head and stretched out her lips. I began to itch her back and whithers and she reached around and began to rub my back with her nose. I think I will reward this behavior. I discouraged her from using her teeth with a verbal "uh-uh" and she went back to rubbing me with her nose while I scratched her back. She seemed to really enjoy the massage and scratching. I also found that she really enjoyed me massaging right behind her scapula and shoulder along a thick muscle there. I ended with a few belly lifts to ease the weight on her topline. This was a good way to brighten my day.

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