Friday, November 14, 2008

Over worked

This week I had a class in Morristown from 8am to 5pm. By the time we got out of class it was dark and it's over an hour drive from there to the barn. So, I missed my normal Tuesday ride. I really needed to get away from class mode and get to the barn, so I went after class today.

This was a really nice evening to go ride as the weather was mild and the farm was virtually deserted. Drifter needed only a quick clean up (from the knees up anyway) and we were tacked up and ready to go. She did a really cool thing today and opened her mouth and lipped the bit into her mouth all by herself today. She still raises her head when it is time to put on her halter or bridle, but we are still working on this. I was really impressed that she willingly took the bit though.

Our ride was nice and she was a bit more forward then our previous two rides. We worked on posting trot, took a break for a pee, then worked on canter when no one was in the ring. Still trying to get that canter depart. She tried really hard and only shut down once on me. Her trot work was pretty nice too and I started to ask for some variation in her trot stride length.

After her ride, when we slowed down to a walk, steam started to roll off her. She was really hot. So, I walked her out a bit, threw a cooler on her and left her in Fritz' stall while I rode him. When he was all done she was mostly dried out and ready to get her sheet on and go back outside.

She is a wonderful mare with a lot of "try" in her.

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