Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wondering about tomorrow

Our Tuesday ride was less then impressive. When I went to get Drifter out of the field she looked very tired. She was fine for grooming and tacking. Our whole ride was at the walk working on halting. She was forward on the forehand and ignoring my aids to halt.

It could have been any number of factors:
1. she was tired and cranky
2. she was uncomfortable
3. the bit was not adjusted properly
4. my pants smelled like smoke and she was "getting away" from them
5. unknown, unrelated factors
6. it was feeding time and she is/was starving

Her appetite has increased a lot lately. Otherwise she was good and maybe she would have been better if I did some trotting and asked her to move out and then went back to halting- who knows. She appears to enjoy lateral work. I hope tomorrow is a better day, better ride.

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