Sunday, January 31, 2010

PSSM test is in the mail

I sent out the hair sample for Drifters' PSSM test. This will be a starting place for us, whether it comes back positive, carrier or negative. I have researched the two feeds at the barn (Horsemans Edge at 35% and Legends Legacy at 19%). I have researched vitamins, minerals, supplements and fats that may need to make up her new diet in a feeder friendly form for the barn staff.

Currently I have backed off pushing her under saddle until the results come back. If they come back negative I will get blood work done. This cold weather is also not very motivating. I did lunge her and ride at the walk the other day. She seemed pretty tense most of the time and I just wanted her to get back to the relaxed place she was earlier in training.

With this new event on the horizon this might really be a journey through horsemanship and not in the vein that I intended. I intended this to be about her training and how we got to lower level eventing- we might still get there, but it might be a bit more of a journey if PSSM is involved.

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