Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The horseman and the trainer...

Sometimes I am conflicted by which role I am playing.  Right now, while awaiting Drifter's PSSM tests I am reluctant to push her under saddle at all.  The trainer in me screams at each resistance Drifter shows.  The horsewoman says give her a chance, she might be cramping, she might be stiff, she feels like she is trying. 

I took it really easy tonight a few minutes on the lunge line at walk and trot and 15 minutes under saddle.  At the trot she was reluctant to go forward under saddle.  She broke to walk a few times and then she would offer up the trot again- hard to figure it out.  However, overall she was more calm at the end of our ride then the beginning.  She had a "happier face" on by the end of our ride.  It was like she knew that I understood that she wasn't trying to be "bad". 

Even if she is negative for PSSM I want to investigate further what could have been increasing her anxiety and tightness through her neck, back and hips.

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