Saturday, January 16, 2010

Horribly good!

We haven't had any more opportunities to jump and even some times cantering has been limited depending how busy it is in the indoor. A rash of cold weather slowed down my desire to ride.

Yesterday was the first nice day in a few weeks and riding was fun.

Drifter started out a bit tense, but I couldn't figure out why. She's been a bit testy and I've figured it's mostly from the cold. However, I am beginning to suspect we're having our first rebellion against work.

When I asked for my first canter she jumped into it with a few crop hops for good measure. I got her back and had her trot a few rounds. I got off and lunged her at the canter for 2-3 minutes in each direction waiting to see if there were any big bucks in her. She was fine on the lunge- so then to see if she would be okay with me on her. If not, maybe it was a saddle fit or pain issue. Nope, she was fine with me on her and we had some of our best cantering to date. We cantered in one direction until she broke gait, trotted across the diagonal and then picked up the canter in the other direction. She stayed way more calm, less behind the bit and got the correct lead most of the time. I didn't focus on the lead, just on cantering, staying calm and no bucking. It was a horribly good ride. Horrible for the bucking, but good for the rest of the cantering. Back to the barn today!

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