Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two rides, two days

Yesterday, we rode outside in the snow.  I focused on
getting relaxation and figured she couldn't go anywhere to quickly with the deep snow.  This worked out pretty well.  We did 20 minutes in the snow at the walk, 10-15 minutes in the indoor at the trot and another 5 minutes walking around the barn.  She's been a bit barn sour and tense walking around the barn, so we practiced walking calmly.  In the indoor she was moving so nicely.  She was forward and really able to move. 
Today, she was much more stiff.  It was too windy to ride outside at all.  She was very short strided behind and I had to work hard to get her to move out at all.  She seemed like she wanted to go forward, but just couldn't extend or stretch at all.  We did some lateral work at the walk and some trotting.  I rode about 45 minutes total.  We had several stops at the trot and I wonder if it's training or muscles.  Guess we'll find out soon.  Her left hip was really tight after riding and she really leaned into a little massage over the hip after riding.  She's been much more relaxed since we haven't cantered in a few weeks.  With improved trot and lateral work we should be cantering again soon.

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