Sunday, December 21, 2008

weather problems

The weather has been horrible here with ice, rain and more ice. The pasture board horses have been stuck in the big shed, refusing to leave and go out. When I went to change Drifter's blanket I noticed that she had significant swelling in both hind legs, especially the left hind. She was swelled up to her hocks. The swelling was warm with pitting edema. Massage helped. So did hand walking.

I figure that she is retaining some water from the pregnancy, she is not walking, she may have a mild case of scratches.

So again today I doctored her legs, hand-walked and lunged her some, attempted to dry her pasterns thoroughly. She is pleasant about the whole thing, allowing me to massage her swollen legs, clean her pasterns and apply more goop to them. I am hoping the weather improves so that everyone moves away from the shed and starts walking some more. Let's hope for better weather.

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