Monday, August 11, 2008

Short update

I have been nursing Drifter's foot over the last week, because although the vet couldnt tell me what was wrong- it appeared like an abcess and appeared better with soaking. So this week I soaked and wrapped. On Sunday she was about 95% sound at walk and trot on the lunge. I am hoping we have passed through this obstacle and can get back on track.

Drifter has been on pasture board now since the third of the month. She is starting to make a friend and travels with the herd. This has brought up some challenges in her training and handling because she values the herd and is also afraid of the dominant members of the herd. So, leading her through or away from the group is always a high alert activity. She has done well leaving the group and still loves to come out and hang out in the barn. She just needs a little coaxing to leave the group. Yesterday, I had to remind her that she wasn't able to run over me even if the boss horse was moving around in the field. These are good challenges.

She has been good on the cross ties- just standing quietly, while I soak her foot, groom her and doctor her wounds. I am able to run to the tack room for a minute and she stands still. I accepted a big challenge of making her stand in the aisle (not on the cross ties) during feed time. She was very intent and tried to run over me at one point, but I reinforced "stand" and by the end of feeding she was standing very alert, but with no tension on the lead rope. I figure it's good that she learns to stand when something exciting is happening. She did very well.

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