Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Canter work

On tuesday I had just a short time to work with Drifter. She came to me in the field (a few feet to me anyway) and stood well in the cross ties for grooming and getting out of her fly sheet and into the lungeing cavesson.

We had the indoor to ourselves and worked on trot transitions and canter transitions. I asked her for a few trot/whoa/trot transitions and you could see that she wanted to do the right thing and got slightly tense with the increased demands. She has lost some flexibility in the weeks she has had off. We also went back to canter work. She knows that the kiss sound means canter, but she is not able to strike off immediately, which causes her to rush into the canter at times. She is trying hard though.

Her lameness issue is near resolved, but she is still resistant to pick up the right hind and put all her weight on her left hind. She isn't showing any lameness on soft surfaces though- she may have had a stone bruise.

Tomorrow I am picking up the trailer to take it to PA for a "once over" and hopefully a paint job. I am thinking of asking Drifter to load and unload, but I am not sure how much of a project that might be. There will be another update on trailer loading soon.

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