Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fresh Girly

After not having worked with Drifter since last week, except for loading, she was very fresh today. She started out pushy and then followed up with flighty. We worked in the outdoor ring on the long lines and she wouldn't let me get them around her hocks and was just being pushy and flighty at the same time. We ended up doing a lot of walking and circles to get her mind focused.

She has been doing well on pasture board and it was also very cool in temperature this morning. I just think she's a bit under worked and feeling fresh. She is also starting to sport a bigger belly since she is out on nice lush grass.

I plan to work her again, first in long lines, then lunge and maybe end with some pseudo-mounting or save that part for Saturday or Sunday. Time to get back to work Drifter.

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