Friday, July 11, 2008


Today we did some long lining at the trot. She was great! It is nice to see her improving at the trot and with several changes of direction she was become more supple. She is still more stiff to the right, but I know this will improve with more work. I should probably add in some massage and stretching.

She has been goon on the cross ties and with picking her feet.

On Tuesday I lunged her outside with side reins. I really don't have the right configuration for them, so I think I may delay using them much more. Plus, one got caught on the gate as we were leaving and she bent the snap trying to get away. She also bit my thumb when I was giving her a bath and trying to hold onto the treat to delay the reward. It really hurt and now it hurts to shake someone hand who squeezes hard! It was really my fault though! I think I have gotten comfortable in expecting that things will be "fine" with her and have overestimated her understanding and maturity in less then two months.

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