Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Last night Drifter went out with the pasture board horses to start integrating into the new herd. She was suitably nervous coming in this morning as she is very submissive and on the bottom of the new herd. She has no confidence and it really shows in situations like these. I was going to long line her, but with her already being on edge I felt she need to get away from me and move. So we lunged in the indoor. I was able to walk a big circle and use half of the indoor for her at the trot. This really helps to balance her and gets her moving out nicely. I think it was the right choice to lunge instead of long line this morning.

I also figured out that Drifter (called Mama Bird most of the time) has Sweet Itch. That means that she is allergic to gnats and mosquitoes and she breaks out in a itchy rash. The best way to control this is to avoid having her bitten. I am trying a fly sheet with hood, but I am not sure the barn staff will keep putting it on and I am not sure how "ok" she will be with them putting it on. Although, she was fine with me!

She also has a dentist APPOINTMENT now, August 1st.


  1. Try feeding brewers yeast as a supplement The vitamin B will keep away the bugs

  2. thank you, I will keep that in mind for spring time