Saturday, July 5, 2008

July update

Yesterday she was wormed with the real thing- no real issue. She lifts her head up, but then tries to eat the wormed tube because it's usually filled with applesauce.

We groomed and tacked on the cross ties in preparation for pasture board next month. She was fine and was very good with her feet. I am now able to lift and pick out all four feet.

I "mico-teked" her mane to help deal with the itching.

She was lunged in side reins for the first time yesterday. We lunged outside and she was better then previously with maintaining a large circle. She was fine with the side reins and it helped to regulate her rhythm some as well. However, my surcingle rings are too high for her and putting the side reins on the billets ended up with her head nearly on the ground!

I also introduced her to the mounting block. I walked her by and stopped her and climbed up on the block. She looked tense for a moment, then I started to scratch her itchy mane! This really helped her relax so I could scratch her and pat her back from up high.

We ended the day with introducing to come when called- again in prep for pasture board. This involved standing in her stall with treats and whistling and calling to her; when she comes to me she gets the treat. She was slow to be motived for this game, but after watching me play it with Fritz (my gelding who she can see across the aisle) she was more motivated and seemed to understand the concept better.

It's nice to see continued progress and I am hoping to get her to take a full bath in the coming weeks.

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