Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jumped a course

Sorry for the delays in posting- it's been a tough and busy month!

I lunged Drifter on Sunday- it was really hot and she still had some issues getting the right lead. I have to find/buy a nice pair of side reins again. She got a quick bath after lunging so the flies didn't try to eat her sweaty butt. Here are some pictures of her from Sunday.

Tonight I got a ride in before it was supposed to rain. She was a little nappy when I first got on, not sure if she didn't want to leave the barn, was sore from lunging or had a horse fly. She kicked/bucked on the way out to the outdoor and I was wondering what kind of ride we were going to have. Once in the outdoor ring, I dismounted to check for flies (I forgot to spray her) or other obvious issues. None seen, so I remounted (working hard to have her stand quietly beside the block) and went on with our ride. I took a few trot laps, popped over a few of the little jumps and then needed a breather break. While resting I created a jumping course out of the smaller jumps available. It was a downhill vertical to a left turn over the white jumping blocks jump to a left curve over the palm tree jump to a broken line over the red jump with a tight turn back to a blue cross rain with a sweeping turn between two other jumps to a straight line of flower boxes. The last jump we hadn't jumped today and was the largest. She trotted and cantered the little course and went around really nicely. It was a great ride and a great highlight to my week.

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