Thursday, June 3, 2010

69.5% a huge success

Now I just need help figuring out how to keep her white... suggestions?

She loaded up pretty well, but when I arrived she was dripping sweat- not sure if all the windows in the trailer should have been open (might have helped) or it was just nerves. She unloaded pretty well and stood to have her soaked shipping boots removed. She was alert, but calm.

I walked her around the grounds and she was looking around, but quiet and well behaved. We came back to the trailer and I tied her up with her hay net. I didn't have a lot of time, so I started to tack her up. I also sprayed her with Skin So Soft- mistake! It kept off the flies and green heads- but we looked SO DIRTY by the time we got to the ring! I am showing alone- so no one to wipe down or brush off my horse for me.

She was great going into the new ring and trotting by the judges booth. She was so good for the test. She was calm, straight and forward. The judge commented that she needs more impulsion in her medium and free walk. Our lowest score- a 6- was on one of our medium walks.

After the test we hung out, she grazed, I watched a few other people from our barn ride. She trailered home like a dream without sweating too- I opened a few more windows. I am so proud of her!


  1. Congrats!! That is a great first score.

  2. you should do a freestyle they are so much fun!!
    and theres nothing like halting with the music and looking around and everyone is standing and clapping.

  3. Congrats!!
    I use skin so soft too on my horse too! I never thought of it looking dirty, but I don't have white horses...
    I had the opposite problem hauling my mare to the dressage show... when I put her in the trailer she started shivering. It was a crisp early morning, but I think it was more nerves. Either way I didn't want tight muscles from quivering for an hour trailer ride! I ended up throwing a cooler on her!
    Sounds like she wasn't too traumatized based on how well you did!

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