Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two great days.

Yesterday I was able to lunge Drifter over a small jump for the first time. She was really good overall with this exercise. She ran out the first time I presented her to it, but I didn't line her up very well and was too far away from the jump to prevent the run out. She figured out pretty quickly that cantering the jump was easier then trying to jump from a trot. She did not get wound up when cantering the jump and showed a lot more enthusiasm on her own. She cantered in both directions on both leads. I took the cross rail up to a vertical and had another little run-out, but again pilot error played a part in that. She then took it several times in each direction. She wasn't too careful and knocked the rail several times. I let her continue a few times when the rails weren't too spread out to make her look at the "new jump" and where the poles were. After lunging, I rode her WTC. She stayed more calm and didn't rush into the canter as much. She continued to have difficulty getting the correct lead, but took both leads- just in the wrong directions. I am now using my jump saddle and am able to get up into a forward or half seat when she is cantering, which seems to be helpful for her.

Today I set up a cross fail over a flower box. I lunged her over this, which went well, but there wasn't quite enough room for a lunging circle. She jumped all times but once and only took out the vertical. She was much more careful with the cross rail. Another ride after lunging, including jumping over a cross rail under saddle. We made continued progress on the ease of cantering, including cantering a large circle. I was able to force the right lead- tracking right today and save the left lead for tracking left more often. I had very little rushing at the trot, but she was very deep and going behind the bit when cantering at times. I worked on sending her forward, giving my hands and "bumping" her up when needed. She was so very good for all our work today I am so excited to ride again. I may try to get some updated videos tomorrow.

Here is a video from our last jump school:

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