Friday, October 10, 2008

First ten rides

Today we completed ride #10. It happened outside in the outdoor ring. Drifter was very good and a bit more forward outside. She was happy to walk and trot and is coming along very nicely.

I wasn't able to make it out on Tuesday because I had to work late, so we missed a ride this week. Today was the first day I have seen her since Sunday. I think she has gained weight again. She is also getting a soft fuzz on her muzzle as she prepares for winter. She doesn't know that this winter she will be wearing a warm blanket and have plenty of hay.

Our ride on Sunday was good. We worked on maintaining the trot. I am still finding that sitting the trot it producing better results. And FINALLY- I can sit my horses trot! I have a Hanoverian gelding that I have such a hard time sitting his big, bouncy, jarring trot. Her trot is much smoother and smaller.

Tomorrow is spa day. I want to give her as much of a bath as a can and perhaps braid her tail.

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