Thursday, October 16, 2008

First real bath

Drifter got her first real bath on Tuesday. She was really good being cross tied in the wash stall. I finally got to scrub her with soap and wash her mane and tail. Afterwards I show sheened her main and tail and braided her tail to help keep it clean. I think one more nice day and another good deep clean would really help.

Today was our #14 ride. She is coming along nicely and her trot is becoming more rhythmic. Here is a short video clip of our trot today.

I would like to see her a little more steady in contact and more forward, but I think she is doing really well for this stage. Hopefully, my posture is not as bad as it looks with this tee-shirt on. After her ride in the ring, I took her out and rode her up to the dressage arena- this was her first time walking around the dressage arena and it doesn't have a fence. Of course, this is when the feed delivery truck comes bumping and clattering down the driveway. It was also brisk and windy. Drifter stopped to look at the truck for a long hard moment then walked on as it bobbled by. She was tense, but kept it all together for one lap around. I hope to continue to expand her riding opportunities around the farm.

I also notified her previous owners of the pregnancy, but haven't heard back a response yet. She appears to be gaining weight, by the lack of holes in the girth these days. I am hoping to get/keep her fit enough to ride her throughout the winter. Our next goal is to introduce canter under saddle.

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