Friday, September 26, 2008


I rode Drifter on Tuesday again. I had a few moments to lunge her first and then worked on teaching her forward. I used a light vibrating leg aid each time she stopped and sat very quietly as she walked. I used my seat and leg aids to help guide her. She continue to have some difficulty with maintaining her balance around the turns. She has been very willing.

Today I rode her WITHOUT LUNGING first. I just walked her around the ring a time or two, adjusted the girth and mounted from the ground. I continued at the walk, but also asking her to extend the walk. I was hoping that she would offer the trot, but she did not. She was a very good girl even though it was a windy and brisk day.

The best thing is that I will now be able to work her in the indoor when other people are riding. This will decrease the limits placed on me and with the colder and wet weather of fall that is a good thing. SHe has been a very good girl under saddle so far. I am sure we will have our challenges in the future, but it's so great knowing how far she has come in the last four months.

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