Sunday, September 21, 2008


I rode Drifter yesterday (a little) and today (a little more). Yesterday she was mostly confused about walking with someone on her. I did not have any help, so we tried to work it out on our own. This was frustrating for her and she did some pawing and head tossing and lots of standing around. It was hard to get her to walk. We did one circle with one little startle. I dismoutned and re-mounted and walked another 10feet or so before calling it a day on a good note.

Today, I had some help giving me a lead around for the first few minutes and things went much more smoothly with her having someone to follow. We walked several circles in both directions and practiced halting. I even have pics to prove it!

I am wondering if the bit I have is working for her because she is still fussing with it alot and holding her tongue up high and occasionally getting it over the bit.


  1. I have been watching your blog since I found you a few weeks ago.

    I would like to congratulate you on Drifter. I am glad she went to a good home.

    I was looking at her myself. I had bought a yearling filly from the same owners in May 2006.

    But it is very good to see that she is much better than when I was down to see her.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Drifter has turned out to be a real delight. I too am glad that she has more to life then making babies. It seems a real waste to have only have been a broodmare when she is learning so much and coming along so nicely. It's really cool that you looked at her in her old home and that you found this blog about her life now.