Sunday, June 15, 2008


Another day on the lunge. Wearing a saddle and a lunging cavesson. We worked in the outdoor ring, she was more relaxed and less concerned about her barn mates. She however, was getting eaten by the greenhead flies. We did about 20 minutes of walk and trot. Her right side is improving and there is less difference between left and right at this point.

She stood totally still for fly spray today.

She got several doses of applesauce from the wormer syringe today. She wasn't so thrilled with me sticking the syringe in her mouth, but all four feet stayed on the ground. By the end of our time together she tolerated it pretty well.

She lifted all four feet nicely today.

I need to get more pictures of her. She is also going out on grass now. It is amazing that with as little as four hours of turnout daily she is as quiet as she is. She really is a mellow horse. I will start long lining her this week and also spending more time on the cross ties, because once she goes on pasture board, she will need to be reliable on the cross ties for grooming/tacking/etc.

I am also considering a fly sheet for her. She seems to draw the flies :-(

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