Saturday, June 7, 2008

Two days update

Tuesday, we cross-tied or half cross tied. She stood to have her rump curried! We continue to work on picking up feet, good on the front- still working on the back!

Worked on spray bottle for fly spray. Minimal upset just when the spray first hits her, but okay afterwards.

THE BIG MILESTONE. Drifter wore a saddle and real lunging cavesson. She was more concerned about the lunging cavesson on her nose then about the saddle. This was the first time she had something other then HER halter on her face. She was nervous, but willing. The cavesson gives me more control and should help her get used to more touching on her face.

Today- continued to work on all four feet. More fly spray- the real stuff this time. Working on keeping her comfortable when she goes outside.

More Ttouch- did some back lifts, inchworm touch on her neck and pelvic pushes. She is so funny because she turns over to look at me when I am doing these "things" to her. I am continuing to work on/in her mouth and ears, where she is most sensitive. I think I could worm her now. She is a good girl, but I would like to see her relax more.

AND- I went to the dentist- so now it's her turn. I think I will have to sell my first born child to pay for her and my dental appointments!

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