Sunday, November 7, 2010

Barrel Jumpin'

Yesterday we had a great little ride. I had been doing some suppling work with Drifter and a few sessions working on lateral work. She was very easy going when I introduced the dressage whip to help cue her to move her haunches over more in the leg-yield.

We hadn't jumped in awhile, but the jumps were pretty low in the outdoor arena and she warmed up real nice- so why not? We jumped over the simple cross rail first and then over a few small verticals. She was barely trotting them and totally relaxed. We did a line of three fences- small cross rail to large cross rail to one stride vertical which she did very nicely. The next time around we aimed for the two barrel jump and she went right over. I supported her nicely with my leg, but she didn't even waiver like she used to at each fence. I trotted her down over a panel fence and she did fine, but when coming back over it she plowed into it. This panel fence is pretty heavy and she must of felt it because after hopping off and re-setting it she snapped her back and jumped way over it. This is one reason I still feel that schooling cross country will help her be more tidy with her legs. It was a really fun ride and I was very happy with her!

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