Friday, April 16, 2010


Drifter now JUMPS. She really JUMPS, like all feet up and over the jump. She felt much more coordinated tonight. We started trotting through 3-4 trot poles. She was straight and forward. Then added a cross rail, which she took beautifully. After a few times through it was bumped up to a vertical. She hesitated, but stayed straight and went right over with a jump. Then a few more times though we added a second vertical about 4-5 strides out. She was also cantering away from the fence for several strides and then just relaxing into the trot. We ended trotting several fences in a course type experience. She was really great and only sucked back once. She took a few jumps where she was taking me to the jump and a few where I had to ride with leg on. We had a few rough turns AFTER the jump, but she really jumped so nicely tonight.

I gave her a really good rub down, curry, a little mane pulling and a good brushing. She really enjoyed the curry and massage and I hope she is ready to go tomorrow again. Also, going to pick up my trailer this weekend!

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