Friday, March 20, 2009

Pregnancy update- NOT foaling update

This means that Drifter is indeed still pregnant. She is very uncomfortable, full udder and swollen vulva. She gave us quite a "scare" on St. Paddy's day- false labor. She laid down at least 8 times between 7am and 11am. When Kim came home around 11 she was laying down in the field. She then laid out flat and began to grunt. They called me, "Drifter is foaling". She had a few contractions, pushed a few times, then got up and started eating again- like nothing was going on!
I was so glad to get there and she certainly looked like she was going to go that night. Her milk did not test on the chart for calcium or pH. I stayed at the barn until 2am- tested her milk again and she looked to be at 100ppm for Calcium and 8+pH.

Came back out today, the foal was kicking a lot. I was able to get some of the movement on video. Milk testing today resulted in the same- calcium at 100 and pH 8, but starting to change.

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