Friday, May 30, 2008


Today we continued to work on lunging and voice commands. She is getting pretty good with walk, trot and whoa. She is showing some improvement to the right, perhaps some stretches would also help in this area. I also tried the rhythm collector with her today- it goes over the poll- through the halter and over the back. Since it's not going through the bit is has a lessened effect with her, but I did see that she dropped in response to poll pressure and didn't panic with the "closed in" feeling. She was quite compliant.

Her leading is going great- almost like a normal horse now. I even lead her down around the back and she was great. The staff has been turning her out and did not have any problems.

We worked on standing in the wash stall-sans water. She was initially nervous with a lot of moving around, but then relaxed and we did some mutual grooming to further relax her. Very nice.

Lastly- she now takes treats from my hand- I gave her an anise treat and an apple flavored treat and she makes a lot of faces, snorts and shakes her head, but she seems to like them.

Good girl Drifter.

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